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"Invent and Make in India a World Class Turbomachinery"

TurboTech is one of India's leading Turbo machinery, and Mechanical Engineering Company. Today, TurboTech looks back to a legacy of 25 years when it made a humble beginning in the year 1989 in the city of Bengaluru, India, beginning with an in-house prototype development of first ever indigenous Gas turbine models of 50 KW and 500 KW. Today TurboTech has developed a range of steam Turbines best suiting the process Industry.

TurboTech aims at creating, enhanced and sustainable value in its business areas of Turbo machinery and Power Engineering delivering end to end solutions, right from engineering to delivering power to the end user. The guiding principles create a framework for developing breakthrough technology in its continual product invention, towards pursuit of safety, reliability, value for money, innovation and sustainability.

TurboTech offers ECT® range of steam turbines, Gas Turbines and myriad of Turbo-machinery for critical applications in Process, Oil & Gas industries, and in Aerospace industry. Versatile, economic to install and operate, at the same time remarkably gentle on the environment - TurboTech has appropriate adaptable and affordable Steam turbine solutions for the industrial and Power Generation from the smallest requirement of few Kilowatts to as large as 5.5 MW. TurboTech also offers augmented services for the STG island viz. AMC, O&M, BOOT, Equipment Rentals.

TurboTech has a total of 8 patents pending in India and 6 patents pending in the US.

TurboTech's resources are a team of skilled, motivated and committed professionals with expertise in their respective areas of technology having intensive experience in all facets of system design, development, implementation and customer support

The consulting group at TurboTech offers consulting services at various stages and levels. The consulting group provides a combination of technology experience, robust quality processes and best practices to deliver high-quality solutions with lower total cost of ownership to clients.

The team at TurboTech fully understands the importance of delivering a truly customised solution to its clients. The team strictly adheres to our time-tested norms and processes and work towards a common cause - Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our Journey

1989: TurboTech Incorporated
First Ammonia Expander for OTEC Application
First Privately held Company to develop Gas Turbine indegenously in INDIA
1999: Steam turbine for Saturated steam application up to 3 MW developed
2000: Steam Turbine (ECT) tested and approved at IIT - Madras
2001: First ECT Commissioned
2005: First Turbine Exported.
2006: Delivered 100th ECT
2007: Dedicated Manufacturing Facility setup for ECTTM Steam Turbines.
2007: Entered the Chinese Market.
2012: Developed 5.5 MW frame.
2014: TurboTech Completed 25 Years