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Design Highlights & Key Features

ECTTM range of steam turbines are suitable for dry superheated and also, saturated steam applications. ECTTM can be suitably retrofit for future expansion.

Flexible system ARCHITECTURE
  • * Induction generator-equipped turbines, for variable-flow incidental-power applications.

  • * Synchronous alternator-equipped turbines, for captive-power applications.

  • * Multi-module, Multi-stage back-pressure extraction/injection turbines.

  • * Multi-module, Multi-stage condensing-extraction/injection turbines.

Roots of design principles from Aerospace Gas Turbine (High speed, Advanced materials)
  • * High Speed = High Efficiency in small sizes.

  • * Blisk construction with High Speed design enables economic use of Premium materials enhancing safety and efficiency.

  • * Customised Aerodynamic blading maximises efficiency.

  • * Stainless Steel Casings for Erosion/Corrosion resistance to Wet Steam.

  • * Factory built Compact Unitary Skid, shipped and installed in a "Plug-and-Play" mode.

  • * Intrinsic and Active Safety features